TED Yourself

TED Global has set up shop here in Edinburgh. And if that's not cause for celebration in geeky circles then we'd like to know what is. So celebrate is what we decided to do. We're celebrating TED with TED Yourself.


TED Yourself does what it says on the tin. It augments the reality of your LinkedIn profile to create a spoof, spurious and pseudo-intellectual TED speaker version of you. With a couple of clicks you're the charismatic and riveting guru you always wanted to be.


The real speaker profiles for TED Global 2011 include a "privacy artist", an "undercover economist" and a "digital preservationist". And for TED Yourself we just dialled things up a bit. This correspondent is a "philanthropical fetishist" for instance. The site was designed by Elaina Jumper. Copy was written by Lauren Sudworth. Coding and LinkedIn api jiggery pokery by Tane Piper. Further details on this "hobby" project and the open source code behind it can be found here.