"Twitter = rubbish"

Hi Phil,

Hope you're well.

I've now changed my mind completely and decided that Twitter is rubbish.

Yesterday we got 50k visits on the site. Facebook sent 6,000 people and Twitter 600, but we have more Twitter followers than Facebook ones. No one clicks on the links and there's too much on it.

It's OK for the punters but for driving traffic and building brands I think it's a lame duck.


Have a great weekend.


Paul Stokes
The Daily Mash

I received the above email from Paul Stokes over the weekend and subsequently got his permission to quote him.

Twitter = rubbish for building brands in his view. He makes an interesting point about there being too much on it and no-one clicking on links.

I suggested that this might have something to do with the fact that The Daily Mash uses Twitter as a one-way, broadcast channel (see below), and that a more "engaged", dialogue approach might yield better long term dividends.


With such a broadcast approach it's probably not surprising that Facebook performs better as a traffic driving channel. People tend to fan/follow fewer, more considered, more personally important people and organisations on Facebook than they do on Twitter. The signal to noise ratio is higher. And Facebook is hardwired for word of mouth. Is Twitter rubbish for building brands?