What do your iPhone applications say about you?

We have soft launched You Are What You App. The premise of this simple site is that your choice of iPhone applications probably reveals something about you.


And so it would seem. It's the iPhone equivalent of having LLoyd Grossman looking through your keyhole.

The site appeals both to the iPhone exhibitionist and to the iPhone voyeur.

At the time of writing it's early stages in terms of the number of active participants, but the average time on site is 7 minutes 30 seconds, suggesting that people are enjoying having a good nosey at other people's apps.

I've already downloaded a few new gems as a result of seeing and reading about the apps that other people can't live without.

There's Byline, a mobile Google Reader app, which is perfect for keeping up with RSS feeds on the train.

Instapaper is an interesting looking application that allows you to save and read web pages offline at your convenience.

Around Me elegantly answers the question "where is the nearest x, y or z?"

And people are clearly sufficiently impressed with productivity applications like Omnifocus and Things to part with decent amounts of cash for them.

If you have an iPhone and a Twitter account please do add your apps to the site.

You Are What You App is our latest "hobby" project, following in the footsteps of WeMet for EdTwestival and EdTwinge.