Financial services in social media

(Image borrowed from Jessica Smith)

Herewith a list of lists and interesting initiatives by financial services organisations in social spaces. Part of an ongoing planning project. I'd be really grateful if any readers who know of other examples could include links in a comment. Thank you.

Jeremiah Owyang (Web Strategist) - ongoing list of social media efforts from financial services all and sundry.

Jeremiah Owyang again - another Web Strategy blog post with additional examples.

Mashable - 5 ways banks are using social media.

Net Banker - Banks and credit unions on Twitter.

Visible Banking - Not very pleasing on the eye, but incredibly comprehensive list of organisations and social media activities across various platforms in various countries.

Insurance Networking News - "Social technology strategies for insurance and other 'boring' brands."

Wells Fargo - Social media case study presentation on Slideshare.

First Direct - 'Little Black Book' by customers for customers.

Groundswell-  Young & Free Alberta case study on this Forrester blog Hope this is helpful. Once again, thanks in anticipation for any further examples.