IRN-BRU Can Clan event a huge success

Blonde's attention was diverted yesterday from the virtual aspects of the IRN-BRU Can Clan to the Homecoming event that everyone's work has been leading up to. 7,000 people turned up to Glasgow Green on a lovely day to enjoy free music from Pearl & the Puppets and The Zutons, and to break a world record. Here's the "the man from Del Guinness, he say yes" moment when the new record for the most people simultaneously dancing the cancan was confirmed. Still waiting on the final official figure but it will be over 1,000.

The man from Del Guiness, he say yes!

Meanwhile, back in the virtual world, the online cancan line is tantalisingly close to the magic 5,000 'BRUZERS'. The BRUZERS were also a prominent part of the event branding. Here they are behind one of Pearl's puppets on stage.