Agent Coulter

 Agent Coulter

Mike Coulter of Digital Agency came in the other day and we shot the breeze about all sorts of stuff for a couple of hours.

It didn't feel like work at all and it was the kind of blue sky coversation we should find more time for more often.

Mike is a very generous man in terms of sharing his ideas on all things digital. He's also the driving force behind the Edinburgh digital coffee mornings.

A lot of the work that Mike is doing for his clients can be loosely categorised as "making things happen for them on the web".

That's a pretty good definition of what working in an agency is all about.

The basic function of agents is to make things happen for their clients - be they actors, musicians, writers, footballers or marketers. Mike talks about various internet "hygiene factors" that all brands should take care of as a matter of course, but seldom do.

It can be as simple as making sure that the brand is well represented with appropriate photography on the likes of flickr.

It obviously gets more involved and sophisticated than this and he's providing a valuable service that represents a gap in the market in Scotland.

Hopefully this post will help to make his agent status less secret.